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BfsDad [Prologue]


"What do you mean no?!" My voice sounded foreign even to me, as I glared at him. What the fuck did he mean by no? He told me to come here to get my ‘gift’ and now this nigga wasn’t even going to give it to me? What kind of fuck boy shit was he on? "Hello, am I talking to myself?" The volume in my voice dropped a few octaves as I ran a hand through my bone straight hair.

"I changed my mind, Shaniah. This shit isn’t right… as sexy as you look I can’t do this shit. You’re my daughters best friend for god sake!" I shook my head because he was doing exactly what I told him not to do. Do NOT think about Cassie when you are around me. Chris was a good guy and I knew that he only wanted to do what’s right; and at the moment doing me was what’s right.

"So you’re telling me that you booked a room all the way in the city, spent all this money, and now you’re just telling me to leave? You don’t want me anymore?" I batted my naturally long eyelashes as I toyed with the end of my crop top. It was his favorite color, navy blue. "I’m eighteen now, daddy. Remember when I first called you that?" I smirked when I seen him look down at the front of his jeans.

"Come here, daddy…" My index finger motioned for him to come, but he wouldn’t move from his position by the night stand. "Chris, please. Can you drop the fucking dramatics?" Now he was pissing me off. I was wetter than a wave pool just gazing at him and he was blowing my horny state. "Why you pressuring me, Shaniah? You’re a little ass girl that—"

"That you want to fuck the shit out of. You’re just too much of a pussy to do it. I guess I can always lose my virginity to Michael." He quickly walked over to me once that last word left my mouth. I giggled at how tightly he was squeezing my wrist. Oh, if only he knew I lived for this man handling business. "Lose it to who?" He bit deeply into my neck before pushing me back onto the bed. I moaned when he pressed his hard-on into my wet spot.

"You really want to give your pussy to some nigga that’s not me? I thought you’ve been crushing on me for five years." He licked over his rosy lips as his big hands caressed my visible thighs. "I want to give it to you but you won’t take it…" I could feel my natural shyness seeping out as I stared up at him. "I really want you to take it, Chris. I need you to take it." He cursed loudly before gripping both of my thighs in his hands. I bit down onto my lip as I watched him, watch the front of my shorts.

"After I fuck you, we done aight?"

"That was the plan." He finally placed a smile onto his perfect face before slipping his fingers into the loops of my shorts, and pulling them down.  Finally, the moment I’ve been waiting for.


Tyga free write

"Honey! Eva is here for you!" Tyrell folded the letter in before stuffing it back into the small envelop that it was packaged in. It’s funny how one little letter could have such a huge impact on a niggaz life, Tyrell thought as he discreetly slid the envelop underneath his mattress. He went to open his bedroom door but Eva was already on the other side and turning the knob. Tyrell smiled as soon as he saw his best friend/girlfriends ace. "Wassup, baby?" Tyrell greeted his girl with a firm ass grip, and tight hug. He kissed Eva’s neck before walking her over to his bed. "I figured I spend the day here, since there’s nothing to do at my crib. My sister left for Jersey this morning." Tyrell nodded as he listened to Eva speak.

His mind wasn’t where it should of been. The only thing occupying space in Tyrell’s mind were the words in that letter. How was he going to tell his mom, his sister, and Eva? “Babe, so are you going?” Eva noticed her boyfriends zoned out facial expression and held his face in her hands. “What’s wrong?” She questioned softly as she gazed into his honey colored eyes.

"Nothing’s wrong, just thinking about college that’s all…" Tyrell felt bad for lying to Eva but how in the hell was he supposed to tell her that he was going to the one place that he feared the most? It wasn’t even Tyrell’s choice to go! The Army was a force that Tyrell couldn’t say ‘no’ to, though. He was being drafted in two months and he was scared straight. "Going where, to Khloe’s party?"

"Yeah. I don’t really wanna go but if you want—"

“We can chill here tonight. I’m not in much of a partying mood.” Eva smiled brightly at her boyfriend of three years before kissing his lips deeply. How was she going to tell him that she was two months pregnant with his baby?

Vanessa H x Michael B Jordan (free-write )

Angela POV
Isn’t it funny how deceiving a person could be? That fun and lovable person that you dated in college for three years could alter into this unknown monster that you have never seen a day in your life.
Isn’t it mind boggling how you were once able to have male companions and even have lengthy friendships with other males that weren’t your husband?
Doesn’t your skin shiver when you are in the arms of a random stranger? Have you ever been in the arms of a random stranger? But how could your husband be a random stranger? Haven’t you guys been married for the past two years?
Two years…
That’s when he first laid hands on me. Now if only it had been two years since he last hit me. I still remember his reasoning for lacing his heavy fingers around my neck and choking me that one night.
“I saw you smiling at him! He kissed your hand and you smiled at him! Why would you do that to me, Ang?—”
“Do what, Zay? What did I do?”
“You embarrassed me in front of the entire company! When a man tries to take your hand and kiss it you do not just stand there and allow it! You are a married woman. Or are you a fucking slut?!”
“Excuse me?! It was your boss, Zay! Your MARRIED boss that was only trying to be polite! He took every woman’s hand in that room and kissed—”
“That’s what you’re not understanding, Angela! You’re not every fucking woman! YOU’RE MY WOMAN!”
I fanned my moist forehead with the mini calendar that was seated on the dining table before me. I could never get through the complete flashback of that night. I would always zoom back to reality just as Zay backed me into the front door and—
“Babe!” I mumbled a low curse underneath my breath before dropping the calendar and pushing my seat back. I quickly stood to my feet and smoothed out the front of my sundress. “Angela, where you at, babe?”
“In the dining room, dear.” I tried not to raise my voice as I informed him on my location in the spacious house. Not even five seconds later Zay walked into the dining room; dressed in the grey suit and burgundy colored tie that I ironed for him last night.
“How are you, my sweet baby girl?” I smiled faintly as I walked into his open arms. His muscular arms wrapped tightly around my waist and he kissed my cheek softly. “I missed you all day, babe. The only thing on my mind was coming home to my baby and tearing that ass up!” He yelled into my ear on the last word.
“Zay! You play too much…” I laughed as he tried to grab at the bottom of my dress. “Besides, you know that I’m on my period…” I tried to back away from him but he pulled me back by my hand.
“Stop playing, Ang. You been off your period for like two days now. Or did you forget that I ate it last night?” My cheeks caught on fire as I tried not to show my broad grin. “Got that ass!” He laughed along with me as he led us over to the chair that I was previously seated on.
He was in a good mod today. Which was surprising considering the fact that he worked as a Public Relations Executive for one of the largest healthcare companies on this side of Atlanta. Most days he would come home with a permanent frown on his face that even sex couldn’t erase.
“For real though, baby. You not gonn’ gimme any pussy? Zay can’t get any of Angela’s sweet kitty?” Zay knew exactly what he was doing to my body when he licked the back of my neck. I melted into his arms instantly. “Let me hear you say it, babe. You gonna gimme some pussy?”
All I could do was nod because not only was he tracing the back of my neck with the tip of his tongue; but he was also gripping my breasts through my tan sundress. “Answer me or ima bite the shit outta ya neck, Ang. On some vampire shit.”
I giggled before tilting my head slightly so that I could meet his lips. After making out for a few seconds I pulled away from the steamy kiss. “Yes, Zay…”
“Where the fuck is the folder?! I know I came into the house with that folder. Angela!”
“I’m looking for it, Zay!… shit…” I mumbled the last part as I dashed around the dining room in search of Zay’s sacred folder. “FIND MY SHIT, ANGELA! I GOTTA FUCKING GO!” I rolled my eyes as I listened to his heavy footsteps pound up the wooden stairs.
“I gotta fucking go.” I mocked as I searched the messy table for his shit.
How did we go from hot love making and cuddling upstairs in the bedroom, to this folder scavenger hunt shit? It’s like after he got that phone call from work his whole mood flipped. He was now the Zay that I feared.
“Why the fuck you just standing there?! Find my fucking—”
“You didn’t come into the house with a folder, Zay! When you came into the dining room the first thing you did was hug me. You didn’t have anything in your hands, babe.” I tried to reason with him but then he reminded me why I should never try to reason with him when he’s heated.
“Instead of wasting my fucking time with this assuming shit, why don’t you fucking help me look for the folder! I’m fucking late for this press meeting and your dumb ass is wasting my god damn time!” He yelled into my face before roughly shoving me into the marble counter.
“Dumb bitch…” He mumbled as he searched underneath the table for his dumb ass folder. I held onto my stinging waist as I stood to the side and watched him sweat in his suit. He looked a hot fucking mess.
“You know what? Fuck this shit. Ima wing it.” I rolled my eyes and walked over to the fridge. “You don’t even care. You fucking hating ass… fuck it. I ain’t got time to be telling you shit that you already know about yourself.” I continued to sip from my water bottle as I watched him adjust his tie.
“Come give me a kiss.” I rolled my eyes once more and he smiled slightly. I loved his smile… hated his dumb ass. “Come give me a kiss, Ang. I’m already fucking late—”
“Then go, leave already! You ain’t gonna die if you leave without a kiss.”
“Yes I will.” He walked over to where I stood in front of the fridge. First, he took my water bottle from my hand and rested it on top of the fridge. His tall ass. Then, he pulled me towards him by my waist. His soft hands palmed my ass as he slipped his tongue in and out of my mouth.
“I love you.” He pecked my lips softly and then pressed his lips to my forehead. He was stalling. Waiting for me to say the three words that he just said to me.
“I love you…” He grinned brightly and then kissed my lips once more before backing away and starting towards the entrance of the dining room. “Good luck, babe. You’ll do fine!”
“Thanks!” A few seconds later I heard the front door slam. About one minute later I heard the engine to his car, and then the burning of his tires as he backed out of the driveway.


This guide is going to be very simple, because I’m not going to go into dynamics - they’re different for everyone. I’m just going to teach you terms and give you different perspectives, so you can pick and choose your character better. This might also help a little if you’re actually interested in the lifestyle. I can’t go over rules, because all Dom/me’s are different and they’re going to have their OWN rules. I’m also not going to go over ALL kinks, you can find a great list here. Also keep in mind this is all written from MY point of view as a Dominant.
Basic Terms. ( BDSM, SSC, RACK )
Different types of Dom’s (Daddy Doms, Masters, Gorean, Saddists)
Different types of submissives (Pets, slaves, kittens, babygirls)
Limits - soft limits, hard limits, and why they need to be respected.
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Part 5: Lance James/Miracle’s Story



Now I saved Lance for last because we have a long history with each other. Lance played a huge part in my life and my story is intertwined with his story. Lance was the very first man I met and the only man that I truly loved. Before I talk about Lance, lemme give y’all some background about me and my life.

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Part 4: August Alsina



August was one sexy ass man! He hailed from New Orleans and I fell in love with his tall, lanky ass just by his accent alone. I met August at my other job in Houston. He was living in H-Town when I met him so of course we messed around a lot.

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Part 3: Tyree Gaines



Now Tyree was one fine specimen of a man! He looked like his skin had been kissed by Hersey’s Chocolate. I always had a weakness for chocolate men. They just did something to me for some reason. I met Tyree about two or three months after I met Trey.

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Free write (my old fanfic called Tolerated)



I hate that nigga so much! His punk ass, bitch made, pussy ass is always doing some dumb shit to make me hate his bitch ass! “Deep breaths, Juliette… don’t fucking cry over his dumb ass either.” I shook my head a few times as a way of disposing all thoughts of that bitch nigga from my…

Free write


I: Another Night


"YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! I SWEAR TO GOD THAT I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!" I scoffed lowly as I gathered my school planner, spiral notebook and Earth Science textbook. The sound of my mother’s screams bounced off the walls of the living room and…